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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

God Triune in the Holy Bible

Only Jehoovaah ’Echaad made the heavens.   All the gods of the heathen, are false-gods. The Lord is to be feared above all gods.   For all the gods of the nations are idols.   Say among the heathen that the Lord reigns!   For only the Lord God of Israel, is King.5

Yet the Lord God of Israel is to be distinguished in three Persons.   He is the Triune God. The Hebrew word for  “God” is ’E:loohiym, a plural form indicating at least three – in which the idea of a composite unity of a plurality of Paaniym or Prosoopa or Persons is clearly expressed.

It is true that the Lord more fully reveals Himself in the New Testament6 to be the eternal Triune God which He has always been and which He immutably always shall remain.   But also in the Old Testament,7 He is to be distinguished as Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

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