God Triune in the Holy Bible

The Lord God of Israel is a unique Lord, a Jehoovaah ’Echaad [in the Hebrew].3   While the word yaachid in that language usually denotes absolutely indistinguishable and incongruously monolithic unity  (cf. "together" or yachdaav in Deuteronomy 22:10-11) B on the other hand, the word ’echaad4  is frequently used to express a composite yet harmonious unity. 

E.g., one bunch containing several individual grapes (’eshkol ^a:naavim ’echaad in Numbers 13: 23)   Or a man and his wife who, while yet retaining their own two bodies and distinctly different personalities, in sexual intercourse become one flesh (bassaar ’echaad  in Genesis 2:24).   That then sometimes results in yet a third distinct body and different personality (viz. that of their child) B each of which then, imaging one and the same God, is a created reflection of the Trinity.   Genesis 1:26-28 & 2:22-24.