The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

God Triune in the Holy Bible

– 3 –

The three Persons within the one and only Triune God are indeed to be distinguished but never to be separated from One Another.   Those three distinguishable Persons all constitute one and the same indivisible Being – namely Almighty God.10

The Son is inseparable from the Father.   When the Son speaks, His words are not just His but even those of the Father Who sent Him.   Also the Holy Spirit is inseparable from the Father and the Son.   When the Spirit speaks, He does not speak only by or from Himself – but He speaks everything He also hears from the Father and the Son.

When the Son prays to the Father, the Father gives also another Comforter.    Viz. the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost Whom the Father sends in the Name of the Son.

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