God’s Methods for Christianizing our Modern World

First.   There needs to be the powerful preaching of the Gospel.   States the Westminster Larger Catechism 155 & 159: "The Spirit of God maketh the reading but especially the preaching of the Word an effectual means of enlightening, convincing and humbling sinners…and drawing them unto Christ…; of strengthening them against temptations and corruptions…and establishing their hearts in holiness.   Nehemiah 8:8; Acts 2:37-41; 8:27-38; 26:18; Psalm 19:8; Matthew 4:4-10; Ephesians 6:16f…..   They that are called to labour in the Ministry of the Word, are to preach sound doctrine…in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. Titus 2:1-8 & First Corinthians 2:4."   How little preaching today is like that!