Have You Been Neglecting Your Baby?

However, not only is it seriously detrimental to the baby for him or her to be left unbaptized. It is also seriously detrimental even to the baby's parents. For, as Calvin pointed out: "God will take vengeance on every one who despises to impress the symbol of the covenant on his child (Genesis 17:14), such contempt being a rejection… of the offered grace."34 No one, no matter how godly in other respects, is excepted from this vengeance. For even the great Moses himself had to learn this the hard way.

Although born in a time of great tribulation and general backsliddenness, Moses himself was apparently circumcised in infancy,35 just as Paedobaptists (or those who believe that baptism should be given even to the infants of Christians) rightly have their babies baptized in infancy today)36 However, Moses later married a woman who