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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit! – Testing What Some Claim to be God’s Spirit Against What He Himself Says in His Written Word

“God is love.   The love within God — leads to His creating of a kosmos [alias an ordered universe]; and to His forming man on the Earth according to His image, in order to find in that man the object of His love and to receive back from him love in return.   When that occurs, an operation goes forth from the Divine Being to the outside — an operation which creates creatures, and which occupies Himself with creatures….

“Apart from the kosmos and what is in it, there are operations within the Eternal Being Himself which exist by themselves and are themselves known [to Him]….   Est Deus Actus Purissimus [‘God Himself is the Purest Act’]….   The Christian Church confesses this opus ad intra, the ‘innergöttliche Wirkung’ [or ‘intra-divine operation’].   She confesses that God works not only ad extra [or ‘outside of Himself’] — but that He also and always works ad intra [or ‘inside of Himself’]….

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