Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit! – Testing What Some Claim to be God’s Spirit Against What He Himself Says in His Written Word

"Here, the fixed term is ‘spirated.’   That is expressed by the word ekporeusis — the procession [uitgang].   The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son….   From John 15:26…we see that the ekporeusis [or being sent] is to be distinguished from the pempsis [or the sending]….   In addition, it is added that the relationship between the Father and the Son is this — that the Holy Spirit ekporeuetai para tou Patros [or ‘proceeds from the Father’]….

 "In John 16:13-15, it is said that the Holy Spirit shall take the contents of what He shall bring to the Church — from the Son (ek tou Emou).   That, in turn, is again connected to the communion existing between the Father and the Son.   For there then follows panta hos echei ho Pateer Ema estin [or ‘all things that the Father has are Mine’].