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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit! – Testing What Some Claim to be God’s Spirit Against What He Himself Says in His Written Word

For He can search, proceed, speak, testify, inspire, teach, show, enliven, decide, destroy, appoint, adopt, seal, abide, lead, remind,  guide, hinder, reprove, help, allow, regenerate, convert, sanctify, catch, approve, forbid, receive, hear, comfort, intercede, resurrect, and glorify.9   And He can be received, be spited, be resisted, be vexed, be lied against, be tempted, and be grieved.10 Indeed, only a Person can do or experience all such actions.

– 3 –

3.   The Holy Spirit’s Procession

The Lord Jesus said that “the Comforter Whom I shall send…from the Father, even the Spirit of truth…, proceeds from the Father.”11     Note, Jesus does not say that the Spirit merely shall proceed — nor that the Spirit merely has proceeded.   Jesus says the Spirit proceeds, ekporeuetai — present continuous tense.

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