Hosea 6’s Comprehensive Covenant

"But they [viz. the children of Ephraim and Israel and Judah], like Adam, have transgressed the Covenant.”   Yet “also for you, O Judah, He has appointed a harvest — when I return [or when I turn back and change] the captivity of My People,"1100 says the Lord. Now this passage is anchored in Adam’s transgression of the Covenant of Life.  The Triune God established it with the unfallen Adam, in Paradise itself.  

The verses at the beginning of this chapter in Hosea, certainly seem to be predicting Christ’s being torn and smitten in death — and of His then living again when risen from the dead "on the third day."   But they also seem to be a foreshadowing even of God’s raising up of His New Testament Visible Church.   For that Church "revives" precisely in and through the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ Himself on behalf of His people.