Hosea 6’s Comprehensive Covenant

For treachery, robbery, misalliance, unpriestliness, murder, lewdness, and covetousness all transgress the Covenant1103 comprehensively.   Thus their opposites — faithfulness, protecting private property,  good alliances, holy priestliness, promoting life, and sexual integrity — similarly all constitute the keeping of the Covenant just as comprehensively, with cosmos- embracing results. 

Dr. Calvin concludes his comment on Hosea six with this mighty prayer:  "Grant, Almighty God…, that being strengthened by the help of Your Spirit we may continue in purity of faith! May what we have learnt concerning You — that You are a Spirit — so profit us, that we may worship You in Spirit and with a sincere heart, and never turn aside!…   May we so devote our souls and bodies to You — that our life may in every part of it testify that we are a pure and holy sacrifice to You, in Christ Jesus our Lord!"