Jahweh – Jehovah

Calvin further tells us: that "the Apostles uniformly substitute the word Kurios [or ‘Lord’]

– 3 –

for Jehovah"; that "the Spirit is called God absolutely, by Christ Himself"; that "He is the entire spiritual Essence of God in which are comprehended Father, Son and Spirit"; and that "the name of Jehovah is everywhere applied to Christ."   Consequently, "it follows that…He is Jehovah"; that as regards Christ, "the Holy Spirit…calls Him Jehovah"; that "Christ should be worshipped" because "He is the God Who in the Law forbade worship to be offered to any but Himself"; and that also "Paul…declares that He was equal with God, before He humbled Himself."  Indeed, "how could such equality exist – if He were not that God Whose name is Jah and Jehovah, Who rides upon the cherubim, is King of all the earth, and King of ages?"