JeHoVaH, YaHWeh and the Lord-Jesus: A study in the history of doctrine anent God’s name JHVH

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JHVH, whether originally pronounced Jehovah or YaHWeH, has been abbreviated in various ways – even in Holy Scripture itself.   This is seen in many "Jehovah"-combinations into place-names in the Bible – such as in Jehovah-jireh or "JHVH shall provide"; Jehovah- nissi or "JHVH is my banner"; and Jehovah-shalom or "JHVH is peace."   Genesis 22:14; Exodus 17:15; Judges 6:24.   Moreover, JHVH is seen also in the abbreviation Yah or "Jah" (as in Psalm 68:4).   Again, also in Isaiah 12:1-4’s Jah Jehovah or "the Lord JEHOVAH" and "Praise Jehovah."   So too, of course, in hallelu-Jah (translated as "praise ye the Lord!") in Psalms 104:35 & 105:45 & 106:1 etc.