Jerusalem, Rome, Revelation – John’s Apocalypse Written Before 70 A.D.

Humanity today faces either progressive evangelization – or progressive destruction. Revelation 14:6-10.   Ultimately, the kingdom of this World shall become that of our God and of His Christ.   Revelation 11:15.  

For all nations shall come and worship the Lord.   Revelation 15:4.   And then – the very kings or chief political leaders of all the World, shall bring all the glory and the honour of their nations to Jesus Christ their Lord.   Revelation 21:24-26.

    (Rev. Prof. Dr.) Francis Nigel Lee (LL.B., M.A., M.Soc., Ph.D., Th.D.)            Department of Systematic Theology                  Queensland Presbyterian Theological Seminary                        Emmanuel College at the University of Queensland                                AUSTRALIA 1985 (updated in 2003, after retirement)