Jerusalem, Rome, Revelation – John’s Apocalypse Written Before 70 A.D.

 35.   Later, this ‘early date’ view was advocated also by the famous Protestants Grotius, Hammond, John Lightfoot, Jurieu, and Matthew Henry.   In yet-subsequent times, the ‘early date’ view was again favoured by the theologians Neander, Abauzit, Bossuet, De Verse, Harduin, Wettstein, Harenberg, Gerder, Hartwig, Guericke, Samuel Lee, Moses Stuart, Adam Clarke, Zuellig, Luecke, Bleek, Ewald, De Wette, Renan, Dusterdieck, Weiss, J.B. Lightfoot, Baur, Vischer, Harnack, Hilgenfeld, Reuss, Holtzman, Westcott, and Hort.

36.   Finally, even in modern times, the ‘early date’ for Revelation has once again been advocated by theologians as diverse from one another’s viewpoints as: Samuel Davidson, Overseer Cowles, Dr. Philip Schaff, Dr. George Edmunson, Dr. Leon Morris, Overseer J.A.T. Robinson, Professor J.M. Ford, R.M. Grant, and Dr. Cornelius Vanderwaal.26   Also the modern (Part-)Preterist Rev. Professor Dr. Kenneth Gentry opts for an early date.   And so too do the modern Full-Preterists who deny the still-future final visible second coming of Christ at the end of World History – the Full-Preterists whom Dr. Gentry calls Hyper-Preterists.