John Calvin on the Genesis of Genesis

"Those who…rejecting Scripture [as the sole sufficient source of religious knowledge], and imagine that they have some peculiar way of penetrating to God, are to be deemed to be…under the influence not so much of error as of madness.   For certain giddy men [among the Anabaptists] have lately appeared who…make a great display of the superiority of the Spirit…. I wish they would tell me what ‘spirit’ it is whose ‘inspiration’ raises them to such a ‘sublime’ height!….   Satan transforms himself into an angel of light….

"The Lord has so knit together the certainty of His Word and His Spirit, that our minds are duly imbued with reverence for the Word — when the Spirit, shining upon it, enables us there to behold the face of God….   Christ explained to the two disciples (Luke 24:27) not that they were to…trust to their own wisdom, but that they were to understand the Scriptures!"