John Calvin on the Genesis of Genesis

"After the World had been created, man was placed in it as in a theatre….   He was endued with understanding and reason so that, being distinguished from brute animals, he might meditate on a better life and might even tend directly towards God Whose image he bore engraven on his own person."  

Carefully observe the word "engraven"!   Compare the word "written" in Romans 1:17-20 and 2:14-15!!   Romanists and other rejecters of sola Scriptura, note well!!!

Continues Calvin: "After Adam had by his own desperate fall ruined himself and all his posterity…, all the pious who have since lived, were sustained by the very same promise of salvation by which Adam was first raised from the fall….   It behoves us, with the holy Fathers, to press on toward the mark of a happy immortality….