John Calvin – True Presbyterian

Wrote Calvin: “He who is truly humble – presumes nothing in himself before God; does not despise his fellow-man with disdain; does not claim to be more worthy than others; but is content to be one of the Members of the body of Christ, asking only that the Saviour be praised….   Only humility elevates us and makes us noble.”18

Truly humble as Calvin was, he nevertheless also deplored all false ‘humility’ (sic). “Man doubtless has been made subject to vanity….   Man is nothing [before God].   And yet: how is he whom God exalts, utterly nothing?   How is he nothing, to whom a divine heart has been given?   Let us breathe again, brethren!   Although we are nothing in our heart, perhaps something of us may lurk in the heart of God….   I have not forgotten myself when, with fear and reverence, I say, we are – are in the heart of God!   We are – by His dignifying; not by our own dignity!”19