John Calvin – True Presbyterian

For this reason – and also because even the Ruling Elders and the Preaching Elders are fellow-sinners – every Church Member, even the most carnal, should be encouraged to speak his mind to the Office-bearers of the Church.   Indeed, every effort should be made to improve the situation of the Congregation.

Held Calvin:36 “If we strive to reform what is offensive, we act in the discharge of duty. To this effect are the words of Paul, ‘If anything be revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his peace!   First Corinthians 14:30.   From this it is evident that to each Member of the Church, according to his measure of grace, the study of public edification has been assigned – provided it be done decently and in order.   In other words, we must neither renounce the communion of the Church nor, continuing in it, disturb peace and discipline when duly arranged.”