The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

John’s Historicistic Epistles

Fifth.   Inasmuch as God’s children will outlast the passing away of all  worldliness, they will also outlast and overcome all antichristian elements in this World.   For “antichrist” is not an all-powerful person yet to come.   To the contrary, it is merely an evil influence — working through many persons.

Indeed, “antichrist” — viz. the influence or the “spirit of antichrist” — was at work even in John’s own day.   For, as the Apostle then wrote: “Even now there are many antichrists.”5549   Consequently, there is no such a person as “The Antichrist.”

For “antichrist” is not a modern and still less a yetfuture entity.  Far from being a personal international dictator wrongly expected soon to crush  Christ’s Church — and also far from being even just the “worldly World” only at the very end of man’s history — “antichrist” is merely

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