John’s Revelation Unveiled – Part 2

Revelation 12:6-11 December 18 


During this later time, the harried Christians gradually kept on rising to ever greater heights.528 They were repeatedly inspired by the memory of the triumphant example of Michael-Christ  during His Own previous earthly struggles against Satan and his followers.529 They were also encouraged especially by Christ's final earthly struggles, all Alone, against all those agents  and without any help even from His Own Angels.530

So the Early Church's Christians  together with their Preachers as some of Christ's "Angels" or Heralds531  now themselves continued that holy "war" in "Heaven"  that is, they too now fought especially on a 'heavenly' plane alias at the spiritual level.532 And, under Christ the Captain of their salvation, they fought the good fight of faith against the Satanic Dragon and his dragonlike Pagan Roman lackey which had previously sought to destroy even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.533