Luther on Baptism Against the Anabaptists

"The man who bases his baptism on his faith — is not only uncertain….   He is…godless and hypocritical….   For he puts his trust in what is not his own — viz., a gift [of faith in Jesus] which God has given him — and not in the Word of God alone."   Consequently, even though at the time of baptism there be no faith — the baptism, nevertheless, is still valid.99

As already noted, Luther died in 1546.      His Collected Works (or Gesamtausgabe) were printed in Jena from 1555 to 1558, in twelve volumes.   Also therefrom, in 1570 a Thesaurus (or Treasury) of Luther’s writings was selected from all of his works which had that far been collected.   This Treasury adds the following about baptism and the Anabaptists: