Luther’s Jenseitige Eschatology

-2 –

"Another existence and life…begins here in faith — but yonder is made perfect in sight (First Corinthians 25:53)…where there is…only eternal and imperishable life….   Only security and joy….   As soon as the child is baptized…he is from that hour dedicated unto eternal life — so that henceforth throughout his life he is only a pilgrim…in this World, prepared and ready to leave this temporal life [and] always hoping and looking for yonder enduring life!"

Also the statement in First Peter 3:18 that Christ was quickened or brought back to life ‘according to the Spirit’ – Luther regards6 as designating the Spirit-ual life to which the zooopoieetheis alias ‘the having been quickened again’ belongs, and as parallel to First Corinthians 15:44-45.   "Hence Peter says that He is quickened according to the Spirit….   He has entered into a Spirit-ual…life which comprehends the whole life that Christ now has in soul and body."