Man’s Origin and Destiny

Reviewing the book in The Standard Bearer, Prof. H. Hanko of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the U.S.A. wrote: “This is an interesting book.   Especially the first three chapters…have a great deal of excellent and interesting material in them.   The author tells of

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how he was converted from evolutionism to creationism, and explains the creation of man in terms of the historic creationistic position….   He has a lot of interesting material from the viewpoint of a Christian psychology in his second chapter, and he describes in some detail the fall into sin in the third….   In the last two chapters…he speaks in glowing terms of man’s future and is optimistic about the position which the people of God shall occupy in the future age.   His is not the liberal postmillennialism of the social gospel; it is rather the more fundamentalistic postmillennialism….   To learn what this type of post-millennialism is like, makes this book worthwhile.”