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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

More Than One Archangel? – Who is “The Angel of the Lord”?

It seems the Ante-Nicene Fathers agree.   Thus the Latin Church’s Irenaeus observes in Against Heresies IV:10:1 regarding Moses that  “the Son of God is implanted everywhere throughout his writings – at one time, indeed, speaking with Abraham when about to eat with him; at another time…bringing down judgment upon the Sodomites [Genesis 18:2-33 & 19:1-27]; and again when He becomes visible and directs Jacob on his journey [Genesis 31:11 & 32:24-30], and speaks with Moses from the bush [Exodus 3:2-4].”   Also Tertullian in his Against Marcion (III:9:1) says that “Christ…did Himself…in…the flesh appear to Abraham [Genesis 18:2 to 19:27].”

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