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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Paedocommunionism Versus Protestantism

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“If you vow abstinence from wine…if you have some end in view that is not perverse, no one can disapprove.”   Yet the opposite applies after childhood  – in making  ‘Profession of Faith.’   For “there is one vow common to all believers which, taken in Baptism, we  ‘confirm’ and as it were sanction by our Catechism and partaking of the Lord’s Supper.”   In the Early Church, “the infants…who had been initiated by Baptism – not then having given a ‘Confession of Faith’ to the Church – were again, toward the end of their boyhood or on adolescence, brought forward by their parents and were examined by the Overseer [or Minister] in terms of the Catechism….   The ceremony of laying on of hands was also used.   Thus the youth, on his faith being approved, was dismissed with a solemn blessing.”   J. Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion, IV:13:4-6 & 19:4.

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