Paedocommunionism Versus Protestantism

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product of the ongoing march of the French Revolution even into many churches.    What is needed, against such Paedocommunionistic Deformation, then, is a New Protestant Reformation.

1.  Paedocommunionism a sectarian Anabaptist recycling of Early-Mediaeval Syncretism

Rev. Professor Dr. John Calvin’s most notorious opponent, the arch-heretic Michael Servetus, was an antitrinitarian Anabaptist.  Just like the postmodern Quasi-Protestant Neo- Paedocommunionists – also Servetus recycled the Early-Mediaeval syncretism between paedocommunionistic Paganism and the Post-Cyprianic ecclesiastical deformation, and wrongly insisted that Paedobaptism and Paedocommunion need to go hand in hand together.