Pentecostalism: New Outpouring or Ancient Heresy? – The Pagan Worship of Baal and Dionysus and Modern Pentecostalism

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That is true.   What we find in looking at the writings of orthodoxy, however, we find everywhere. Montanus was condemned from every quarter of Christianity. He was excommunicated by churches in Asia Minor; written against from Rome and the rest of Europe; and condemned from Syria and Egypt — over a period that began in his own lifetime and extended for several centuries thereafter.   It staggers the imagination to even attempt to conceive of so many independent sources all telling the same lie.

So, this book comes to you with my heartiest recommendation.   Doctor Lee’s approach throughout the book, is one of love toward erring brethren.   He does not condemn the people who are currently involved in Pentecostalism — but makes it very clear from both Scriptural and historical sources that the doctrines peculiar to Pentecostalism, as well as its practices, are condemned by God and by the entire history of the Christian Church.