Pentecostalism: New Outpouring or Ancient Heresy? – The Pagan Worship of Baal and Dionysus and Modern Pentecostalism

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34.   "The worship of Dionysus flourished long in Asia Minor, particularly in Phrygia [the Headquarters of the later pseudo-glossalalic if not Neo-Dionysian Montanists]….   His cult was closely associated with that of numerous Asiatic deities….   Dionysus did…possess the gift of ‘prophecy’ — and at Delphi he was received by the priesthood on almost equal terms with Apollo….

35.   "[The Minoan] Philistines, a people of Aegean origin…, settled on the southern coast of Palestine in the 11th century B.C. shortly before the arrival of the Israelites. According to Biblical tradition (Deuteronomy 2:23 & Jeremiah 47:4 etc.), they came from Caphtor [cf. Genesis 10:14 & 10:6-20]….   The whole of the country [of Canaan] was later called Palestine by the Greeks….   There are no documents in the Philistine language, which was probably replaced by Canaanite….   Nor is much known of the Philistine religion, since all their gods mentioned…were probably borrowed from the conquered Canaanites….