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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Rebaptism Impossible! [Excerpt] – Acts 19: 1-7


[Excerpt from “Rebaptism Impossible!” (S.T.D.), pp. 32-43:]

Apollos was never rebaptized.  He was mighty in the Scriptures and knew much about the baptism of John — even before his arrival in Ephesus.  We are told he there received further instruction in the Christian way85 — yet without rebaptism!    For we are never told he was ever rebaptized — either there, or elsewhere.   See my other article: ‘The Baptism of John’ and the fiery believer Apollos.

Yet water-washed unitarians still needed Christian baptism!

On the other hand, non-trinitarian washings (whether by immersion or by sprinkling) were never regarded — by the Apostolic Church — as Christian baptisms.  Hence, those previously immersed or sprinkled non-trinitarianly — but then converted to the Triune God — still needed to receive their one-and-only trinitarian baptism.

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