Rebaptism Impossible! [Excerpt] – Acts 19: 1-7

The heretics apparently repented under Paul's preaching.  Yet further, Paul then applied no water whatsoever to those ex-heretics but simply laid his hands on them. They were, claims Gravemeijer, "baptized by John, and confirmed by Paul."

If Gravemeijer is right in this, Calvin too (see at n. 106 below) would be right in suggesting that Paul did not at all apply water to those heretics.  This would be so, even though in the opinion of Gravemeijer (op. cit. III:20:25 p. 175 n. 3) Calvin "wrongly understands Acts 19:5 of baptism with the Holy Spirit."   Consequently, there would then be no possibility of them having been rebaptized (with water) by Paul. 

Acts 19:4b uses the plural 'pisteusoosin' (apparently still in respect of the singular tooi laooi in 19:4a).   This, together with the men…de factor discussed above, lends some credence to Gravemeijer's hypothesis.  See, however, n. 99 below.

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