Rebaptism Impossible! [Excerpt] – Acts 19: 1-7

Acts 19:5-7 widely misunderstood to imply a fresh baptism

To the Romanist Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologiae III:38:7), and to Roman Catholicism, Johannine baptism was not Christian baptism.  Nor was Jesus Himself ever Christianly baptized.  Nor were His Ex-Johannine disciples left 'unrebaptized.'   So, the Christian apostle Paul is held to have 're-baptized' at Ephesus in the Name of Christ — some twelve men previously baptized in Palestine by the 'Pre-Christian' John the Baptist.  Thus Romanism.

The Anabaptists (and also many Baptists) conclude in addition from the same passage Acts 19:1-7, that all of those 'allegedly baptized' in infancy, before making a personal 'profession of faith' — still need (re)baptizing, after making such a 'profession' when older.   For (Ana)baptists deny 'infant baptism' to be Biblical baptism.  And they assert that each, personally — for himself alone — is first to be required to give a creditable profession of faith, before ever being baptized.  Anabaptists and