Rebaptism Impossible! [Excerpt] – Acts 19: 1-7

Baptists say that (re)baptism is therefore to be urged not just upon converted Ex-Romanists — but also upon those converts who previously received merely(!) 'infant baptism' even in Lutheran or Calvinistic congregations. 

Curiously, antipapal paidobaptistic Catabaptists here frequently follow the Romanists and the Anabaptists in their misinterpretation of Acts 19:1-7.  For even paidobaptistic Catabaptists often argue that this passage applies also to protestantized Ex-Romanists (and other formerly ritualistic trinitarians) after their conversion to Protestantism.  From this passage, such Catabaptists then conclude that protestantized Ex-Romanists (and Ex-Campbellites or Ex-Adventists etc. all need to be (re)baptized.

Once more.  Extreme 'Eastern Orthodox' hard-liners appeal to Acts 19:1-7.  They give their own mandatory triple submersion to all of their converts who earlier had received baptism differently — by way of a single sprinkling, or a single submersion, or even a triple sprinkling.  Such extreme 'Greek-Orthodox' hard-liners thus insist on 'rebaptizing' all previously baptized persons who convert to them from the Adventists, from the Baptists, from the Campbellites, from the Protestants, or from the Romanists etc.

Thus, Papists and Anabaptists and Catabaptists (and also the 'Eastern Orthodox' denominations) have all made Acts 19:1-7 their happy hunting ground.  A very careful consideration of the exegesis of this passage, is therefore quite essential.  When this is done, is can be seen quite clearly that the passage neither mentions nor sanctions any kind of rebaptism whatsoever.   Quite to the contrary, it instead implies the obvious need to receive a specifically trinitarian baptism — and that, unrepeatably.