Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray – Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?

However, what we actually need is: both justification and sanctification; both crucifixion and resurrection; both ascension and heavenly session.   Fundamentally, we need the im-put-ation of Christ's righteousness.   Yet we also need the concomitant and resultant im-plant-ation of the God-given incorruptible seed of obedience. That must germinate — unto progressive sanctification.

Even when being born again, we need not only the commencement but also the continuation of that new condition. Thus, we need "God's inworking in regeneration — not only as the act of grace by which the divine life is imparted; but [also as] the unceasing maintenance of that life, by the [increasing and ongoing] outworking of the indwelling Spirit" even after being born again.