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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray – Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?

In 1876, the itinerant Dr. Murray wrote[21] to his wife: “In travelling the last three or four days, I have met ever so many people who appear willing to accept Christ; but [they] have not the needful knowledge or help.   I have felt so deeply that if one had a divine enthusiasm, the warmth of faith and love, to compel them to come in — one might be a blessing from home to home.

“I have this day sought to lay myself afresh upon the altar, and to look to the great High Priest presenting me to the Father — [as] an acceptable and accepted sacrifice.   How, I know not fully.

“The want, the universal want, of a dealing with souls in the fervency and joy of a living faith, rests heavy on me.   But whether there is any prospect of my doing the work, I cannot say.   Or whether  by training workers, teachers and missionaries the Lord will permit me to do more — I know not. But it is sad to see souls by multitudes seeking and not finding; sighing, and not [ being] helped — apparently because there is none to show them the way of the Lord.   Oh!    Why should not our hearts verily be filled to overflowing with that love which wrestles for souls unto the death?”

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