Revealed to Babies: Jesus on Saving Faith in Pre-baptized Covenantal Babies

Perhaps Elizabeth’s baby had leaped up because he himself — John the Baptizer — had just been filled with the Holy Spirit, from his mother’s womb, three months before he was born.   Alternatively, he did so as a previously Spirit-filled fetus who then once again

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recognized His Saviour within His Own human mother as she approached John within his own mother Elizabeth.   Luke 1:15,41.  

Either way, John was prenatally filled with the Spirit — at least once — long before he was born and thereafter circumcised.   So his Circumcision (like the Baptism which later replaced it), did not initiate the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within John — but it sealed and strengthened that prior indwelling.   Genesis 17:1-27; Romans 4:11; Colossians 2:11-13.