Presbyterian Baptism in Noah’s Flood

Yet it was not the "Earth" but only Noah’s family that was then baptized!   The Apostle Peter knew the correct mode of baptism was not total submersion.  For baptism was not like the submersion of the unbaptized ungodly, during Noah’s flood.  

To the contrary.   Peter knew that baptism was like the rainwater which poured down on the roof of the ark over the heads of Noah’s faithful family.   Peter knew that only such a pouring — as a rainlike representation — signifies the "sprinkling of the blood of Jesus."2

That Noachic prefigurement of baptism — was the downpour on the roof of the ark, during the Great Flood before 2300 B.C.   By sprinkling, that downpour right then and there preserved the godly Noah's entire family.   Total submersion was then experienced only by the unbaptized ungodly — outside the ark.3