Presbyterian Baptism in Noah’s Flood

The saving of Noah’s family took place not by the floodwater, but by God alone – and quite before the advent of that water.   As Calvin stated:4 "Peter teaches that Noah’s deliverance from the universal deluge, was a figure of baptism (First Peter 3:21)….   By God’s secret closing up of the ark, the waters were restrained from penetrating it." 

He insisted:5 "Sins are effaced by the mere remembrance of baptism…conjoined with faith and repentance….   We ought to turn our thoughts…to the sprinkling of water…. The Spirit of God…sprinkles our soul with the blood of Christ.   First Peter 1:2" cf. 3:20f.                                      Peter soon went on to describe the baptizing of the whole household of Noah. This occurred by the downpour of the rainwater during the great flood.   First Peter 1:2,23f & 3:15-21.