Summary Against Paedocommunion

1, infant baptism signifies regeneration (but not conversion);

2, one's first communion at teenage signifies conversion (not regeneration);

3, Eucharist replaces the Passover (but not circumcision);

4, the 1st-century B.C. Hebrew Essenes (and even the Pharisees), like the Karaites till today, restricted their Passovers to their (post-)adolescent males after prior catechization terminating in their Bar Mitzvah not before age 13 (cf. Prov. 22:6's chanoch with Luke 2:40-47 and 22:1-20);

5, no females nor any preteenagers ever partook of the Passover till it was thus deformed by Post-Christian Liberal Judaism (+/- 200 A.D.);