Summary Against Paedocommunion

10, Calvin in his Institutes (IV:16:30) accordingly concludes against the Anabaptists: “They object that there is not greater reason for admitting infants to Baptism than to the Lord’s Supper – to which, however, there are never admitted…. The Supper is intended for those of riper years, who, having passed…infancy, are fit to bear solid food…. They cannot partake worthily without being able duly to discern the sanctity of the Lord’s body. Why should we stretch out poison instead of vivifying food to our young children? … Circumcision, which as is well known corresponds to our Baptism, was intended for infants. But the Passover for which the Supper is substituted…was duly eaten only by those who were of an age sufficient to ask the meaning of it (Exod. 12:26). Had these men the least particle of soundness in their brain, would they thus be blind as to a matter so very clear and obvious?”