The Biblical Theory of Christian Education

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State is acting ultra vires.   That is, it is going beyond its own God-given powers. Indeed, whenever the State tries to “statify” the Non-State areas of human society — it threatens to get a stranglehold over those other areas of life (such as the Family and the Community and the Church).

In exceptional circumstances, namely where law and order (which the State must regulate) are being threatened by neglected and uneducated Non-Christian children and youths, or even by Christian youths as a result of the neglect of the Church and of the Christian Parents to educate their own children themselves — which neglect had led to a problem of juvenile delinquency which is disturbing law and order — the State may well have an exceptional and temporary duty to start its own State Schools.  But even then, the State must always recognize the right of the law-abiding Community in general and the Christian Community in particular to establish and to maintain and to extend its own School Systems alongside those of the State.