The Biblical Theory of Christian Education

      G)  Discipline will be administered in Christian schools as one of the several methods of education.(62)   The modern Non-Christian trends of cruelty on the one hand and of

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spineless pacifism and appeasement of the child on the other hand, will not be tolerated in the Christian School.

What has just been said about the educational methods of the Christian Home and the Christian School — applies mutatis mutandis equally in the various other spheres of Christian Colleges, the Christian University, the Christian Business, the Christian State, the Christian Community and the Christian Country.   Naturally, one should make due allowance for the differences in the internal functioning of these several spheres.  But above all, whether at Home, or at School, or after leaving School in mature life -Christian Education will never confuse all its various methods with its one unchanging goal.   And that goal is to train Christians to eat and to drink and to do everything to the glory of the one and only Triune Lord God.