The Biblical Theory of Christian Education

Summarizing, we have defined Christian Education as the science of extracting individual gifts from and inculcating general virtues into pupils in accordance with the commands of the Word of God made flesh in the Word of God made book.  The goal of Christian Education was seen to be man’s conscious subjection of the entire Earth to God’s glory, and its subjects were seen to be only Christian believers and especially their children.  The Teacher of Christian education is always God, now operating preeminently through the Parents but also through the Covenant Community and/or through the Church and the School and the State — and in that order of decreasing importance.   Whereas the methods of Christian education were found to vary from family worship and saying grace at the table and Bible reading and Sunday School and Church attendance, to methods employed in the Christian School such as the principles of grading and individuality and discipline against the background of the universality of sin and the reality of the covenant of grace – yet always mindful of the fact that all methods are but means to the sole end of glorifying God.