The Christian Foundations of Australia

To illustrate Marsden's faith in the future, here are excerpts from two of his letters. One dates from 1796, and the other from 1811.

In 1796, Rev. Marsden wrote to a lady: "It is an unspeakable happiness to see the kind hand of Providence superintending all our ways…. I have much to occupy my time, and a great variety of duties to perform. I am a gardener, a farmer, a magistrate and a minister — so that when one duty does not call me, another always does….

"It is my opinion that God will ere long visit New South Wales with His heavenly grace. Out of these stones, He will raise up children unto Abraham. There has not been any shaking yet among the dry bones — but the son of man is commanded to prophesy, and I hope by and by the Lord will command the wind to blow. Stir up Thy strength, O God, and come amongst us!"26 Then again, on 26th November 1811, Rev. Marsden wrote:27 "I have sent to England four to five thousand pounds of wool. This will be the beginning of the commerce of this New World. Many think nothing of these things now. They cannot see any advantage to be derived to them, their children, or this settlement — by improving the fleeces of our sheep. But I anticipate immense national wealth to spring from this source of commerce….