The Christian Foundations of Australia

It seems that the 1824f Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania, George Arthur, had become a Christian some ten years earlier — when in Honduras in 1814. In the words of the rather cynical agnostic Manning Clark:33


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– 12

"Then, while reading the Scriptures he had begun to be weighed down with guilt for a detestable sin against his most Holy Maker, and to know that the heart of every man was desperately wicked and altogether in enmity with God. Happily for him, in the midst of this conviction and abasement, it had pleased God to convey to his soul the most cheering reflections. In Honduras, he had read of the all-sufficient atonement by Christ; and had become perfectly tranquil, perfectly cheerful and perfectly happy. Through the free grace of God, he had come to believe he would one day enter into eternal life."