The Christian Foundations of Australia

Pardon our sinfulness, God of all pity, Call to remembrance Thy mercies of old! Strengthen Thy Church to abide as a city Set on a hill for a light to Thy fold!

Head of the Church on Earth, risen, ascended! Thine is the honour that dwells in this place: As Thou hast blessed us through years that have ended, Still lift upon us the light of Thy face!

During the rest of the year 2000 and the years beyond — under the Southern Cross of Christ in God's starry sky and subject to His Common Law — Australia shall yet be led to a more consistent trinitarian-triune faith as regards all matters of conduct. Even in political government, may her faith yet more and more become that professed long ago by Isaiah (33:22) — "The Lord is our Judge; the Lord is our Lawgiver; the Lord is our King. He will save us!"