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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Christian Foundations of Australia

“There must be an amazing and unparalleled progress of the work and manifestation of divine power — to bring so much to pass, by the year 2000…. In the next whole century, the whole Heathen World should be enlightened and converted to the Christian faith throughout all parts of Africa, Asia, America and Terra Australis — and be thoroughly settled in Christian faith and order.” All the emphases above are mine — F.N. Lee. Thus the great Jonathan Edwards — already around A.D. 1739!

From the first Britons who reached till the first who colonized Australia During the next decade, the Anglican Yorkshireman7 James Cook (1728-79) went to sea from Whitby.8 This is the very place where the godly Hilda had operated the famous Proto-Protestant Culdee Christian College, back in A.D. 660f.

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