The Congruency of ‘Johannine’ and Christian Baptism

127.  The fullness of the Spirit from Malachi to Calvary

In New Testament times, yet still before Calvary — as predicted by the Prophet Malachi800 — John the Baptizer the Second Elijah was "filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother’s womb."801 Nevertheless, even after his then going forth before Jesus "in the Spirit and power of Elijah"802 — John (for a while) later doubted his own faith in Christ,803 before re-repenting again.

Also  the prenatal John the Baptizer’s pregnant mother "Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit" — when she became aware of the then-proximity of the only-just-conceived Saviour Jesus Christ.804    And after the Spirit-conceived birth of the Lord Jesus,805 we are told that "the Holy Ghost was upon" the prophesying Simeon.806