The Congruency of ‘Johannine’ and Christian Baptism

"Wherever Scripture applaud this efficacy in the ministry of men — let us learn to attribute it to the grace of the Spirit, without which the voice of man would have spent itself uselessly in the air!   Thus, when Paul boasts that he is a Minister of the Spirit (Second Corinthians 3:6), he claims nothing separately for himself…but asserts the power and grace of the Spirit in his Ministry….

"Satan labours, with amazing contrivance, to lower the effect of doctrine — in order that the grace of the Spirit connected with it may be weakened.   The outward preaching, I acknowledge, can do nothing separately or by itself.   But as it is an instrument of divine power for our salvation, and through the grace of the Spirit an efficacious instrument — what God has joined together, let us not put asunder!….