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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Influence of Puritan Archbishop Rev. Dr. James Ussher on Church History and the Westminster Confession of Faith

Editor’s Comment: For more than three hundred years, Ussher’s colossal History of the World remained inaccessible to all but the most esoteric of scholars. Vision Forum is pleased to present to our family of friends the first English translation of this work. A hero of biblical chronology and one of the most astute church historians ever, Ussher is both loved and hated. He is loved by all those who share a commitment to the fidelity of Genesis as an accurate account of human origins, and who consistently hold to the literal, grammatical, historical approach to Bible interpretation. He is hated by evolutionists and compromising theologians who would seek to integrate evolutionary cosmology with the philosophy of science advocated in Holy Scripture. To read more about his book, click here. But for a remarkable perspective on Ussher, we are pleased to offer this excerpt from a larger, as of yet unpublished work, by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee. With more than ten Ph.D.s and tens of thousands of pages of brilliant historical commentary to his credit, Francis Nigel Lee may be one of the most important church historians and commentators of the present era. —DWP


The Westminster Assembly of 1643 48f was commissioned by an Act of the English Parliament. It was designed for the political and religious benefit of the entire British Isles. Representatives were invited also from Colonial America. Delegates attended even from France.

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