The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

Calvin on Christ's Kingdom's demolition of the Roman Empire in Daniel 

Calvin next explains Daniel's predictions regarding the Roman Empire — during the continuance of which Christ ascended into heaven. First, Daniel explains the strength of "the fourth beast" — Pagan Rome. Daniel 7:19. However, thereafter Daniel goes on to describe how the ascended Christ — over and through His people in His earthly Empire — would slowly but surely demolish it. Daniel 7:22 & 7:26-27.

Comments Calvin:9 "I have no doubt that in this vision the Prophet was shewn the figure of the Roman Empire…. The fourth beast signifies 'a fourth kingdom…which shall differ from all the kingdoms' [before it]…. The Roman Empire, we know…to have been more extensive and powerful than the other monarchies…. Miserably and cruelly, the Church has been harassed by many tyrants…. We shall find the Church to have been much more heavily afflicted after Christ's advent, and to have been opposed by the Caesars in open warfare…. The Caesars became more and more stirred up to carry on war against the elect, and to oppress the Church….