The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

Here "Daniel," comments Calvin,13 "represented Michael as the guardian of the Church…. I embrace the opinion of those who refer this to the person of Christ…. It was in no degree superfluous…to predict such great calamities as impending over the Church…. In the present day [A.D. 1561], the same expressions are most useful to us…. At the present time in the Papacy and throughout the whole world, impiety prevails…."

Nevertheless, "I do not hesitate to suppose…the arrival of a period when God should collect many disciples to Himself…. God should gather to Himself a great multitude…. The sons of God shall soon become increased…. 'Many shall investigate, and knowledge shall increase'…. The Lord will at length cause many to embrace it, to their own salvation….